Meetings With The Astronauts and Cosmonauts -  A Picture Gallery

54th International Astronautical Congress, Bremen/Germany

In Memoriam STS-107 Columbia

Some of the prominent guests signed my picture in memoriam of the crew of STS-107 Columbia:

  1. Thomas Reiter,  German astronaut
  2. Dumitru Prunariu,  Romanian cosmonaut
  3. Yuri Onufriyenko,  Russian cosmonaut
  4. James Buchli,  American astronaut
  5. Boris Chertok,  Soviet rocket designer
  6. Ernst Messerschmid,  German astronaut
  7. Michel Tognini,  French astronaut
  8. T.J. Creamer,  American astronaut candidate
  9. Barry E. Wilmore,  American astronaut candidate
  10. Jesco von Puttkamer,  German American NASA manager
  11. Umberto Guidoni,  Italian astronaut
  12. Sean O'Keefe,  NASA administrator
  13. Jean-Jacques Favier,  French astronaut
  14. Shannon Lucid,  American astronaut
  15. Chiaki Mukai,  Japanese astronaut
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Updated:  2003/12/31